#IParkedInABikeLane was started out of frustration for the blatant disregard for cyclists and cycling infrastructure in Toronto. The concept is simple - you see a vehicle parked in a bike lane, you slap a sticker on it. The intention isn’t to cause damage or vandalize (the stickers don’t damage anything anyway) - it’s to get drivers to think twice about what they are doing and perhaps change their actions in the future. Parking and driving in bike lanes is not only inconsiderate and selfish, but also incredibly dangerous, especially for cyclists who are not comfortable integrating with the flow of traffic.


#IParkedInABikeLane was born of two independent cyclists who are not associated with any businesses or collectives. We appreciate the reception and support of this idea from our friends and local shops, but repeat, are not associated with any business, company, collective, co-op, group, team, etc, etc, etc.

If you choose to participate, please be safe and aware of your actions - you may be confronted with aggression or legal implications from drivers. Please take caution and use your judgement.

By using these stickers, you agree that #IParkedInABikeLane assumes no responsibility or liability due to altercation, injury, damages, legal issues, etc due to individual use of these stickers, and your actions are of your own accord.

If you’ve reached this page because you’re angry someone stickered your car, the solution is really simple - DON’T PARK IN BIKE LANES.

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