• Image of I Parked In A Bike Lane Sticker

3" neon green stickers which read "I Parked In A Bike Lane"! One order is for 20 stickers.

One order - 20 stickers
Two orders - 40 stickers
Three orders - 60 stickers


#IParkedInABikeLane was born of two independent cyclists who are not associated with any businesses or collectives. We appreciate the reception and support of this idea from our friends and local shops, but repeat, are not associated with any business, company, collective, co-op, group, team, etc, etc, etc.

If you choose to participate, please be safe and aware of your actions - you may be confronted with aggression or legal implications from drivers. Please take caution and use your judgement.

By purchasing and using these stickers, you agree that #IParkedInABikeLane assumes no responsibility or liability due to altercation, injury, damages, legal issues, etc due to individual use of these stickers, and your actions are of your own accord.

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